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Meet the In The Flesh fandom

For August’s #SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sunday, here are the first results* from the Redeemed Survey.

Over 1500 people have responded so far, and it’s a pretty good snapshot of the fandom, at least as it exists on tumblr.

bbcthree and bbcamerica - as these results demonstrate, this show speaks to a lot of people who don’t see themselves represented on TV very much. We love the characters like Jem and Maxine who aren’t defined by their gender. We love that Kieren’s relationships are not treated as Issue Of The Week. Don’t take this show away. This is exactly the kind of high quality, original drama the BBC should be championing.


*more results to come!

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Hampstead, London, NW3
- Flask Walk


Hampstead, London, NW3

- Flask Walk

Hello lovely bee-keeping-blog who randomly started following me, I have no idea what you try to find on my blog, but I’m glad you’re here <3


we are waiting for the lights and the thunder

we are waiting as our d r e a m s turn to c o l o r

#saveintheflesh bbcthree | bbcamerica

live fast, die young
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Meeting Toothless (including 100% done Night Fury)

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I just found what may be the best description of Orphan Black, season one: “Sarah hopes that cleaning out a dead woman’s bank account will solve all of her problems. Instead, her problems multiply - and so does she.

— I am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer and that is not my fault “.